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"Justina is an outstanding teacher of both private and group lessons. We’ve taken ballroom and Latin dance lessons from several teachers before and have never advanced as quickly as we have with her. She makes learning dance both productive and fun. Justina is extremely knowledgeable and has the amazing ability to observe students and quickly recognize what we need to do to improve. She is always patient, complimentary and encouraging. Justina’s enthusiasm is quite contagious so when she explains and shows us how to improve our dancing we’re inspired to reach beyond our comfort zones and to learn new skills. We always learn a lot from Justina and have a good time doing it!

She honestly is THE best dance teacher we have ever had and Justina has our absolute highest recommendation!"

-Ann and Mike


"had recently become a widower and was looking for something to occupy my time. I have only ever been afraid or insecure of one thing in my life and that was dancing. I had been told I had no rhythm so that made me even more intimidated. At the same time I started taking group ballroom classes, I started taking private lessons from Justina. Taking the classes with Justina made all the difference in the world, from the very beginning we sat down and established goals and continued to add to them as we went along. One private with Justina was like 3 or 4 group classes. Justina not only taught me how to dance but she found a way to give me confidence and a better feel for music. She is the kind of teacher that makes you want to get better. I used to fear the dance floor, now I look forward to getting out there and enjoying myself. Justina’s private lessons are more than a lesson, they are an experience. Dancing with her is the ultimate experience!! I highly recommend Justina to anyone who wants to learn to dance."



"An upcoming daughter's wedding forced me to face my fear of dancing, or my imagined inability to dance, so I reluctantly signed up for ballroom lessons...not only did I meet my future best friend/partner, but I was also fortunate enough to have Justina teach me to dance! Every lesson was laughter and light, as she has a way of bringing out the best in everyone! Group class was always a hoot, and I learned so much, and private lessons with Justina are always a treat and allow you to really believe you can dance! My dancing experience has changed my life, I have a confidence I never had before, I am enjoying music on a whole new level and I feel graceful! Thank you Justina...!"



My wife and I first met Justina when we took a 30 minute trial dance lesson.  She greeted us with such warmth and good cheer that we instantly felt at ease.  As the lesson progressed, Justina was continually complimentary, supportive and understanding…even as we stumbled and made mistakes.  We signed up for 10 private lessons and a group class.  Thanks to her excellent step-by-step instruction as well as her patient corrections and reminders, we are now comfortable in the basics of Waltz, Swing, Rumba, and Foxtrot.  It’s no small accomplishment to take an older couple with no dance experience at all and help them become confident enough to use their new skills in public.”

-Ed & Dale


"My wife, Phyliss and I have taken dance lessons from Justina for over a year.  She has been a superb teacher!  This from us, a psychiatrist and therapist, who have been teachers ourselves and demand excellence.

Justina has been extremely helpful in many ways: She quickly figured out our personalities and the patterns between us that helped or hindered our dancing.Justina was able to guide, challenge and inspire us to change our interactions, which enabled us to move beyond “who is leading, who is following” to achieve two people moving in synchrony making something beautiful happen!

She is very knowledgeable about the Argentine Tango, our favorite dance, and was able to guide us in learning it from scratch. She was able to change movements to fit our capabilities and limitations. Justina possesses the two qualities we want the most in teachers: technical competence and great compassion.  Combine that with her love of dance, and you have a great teacher!"  

-Richard Kirk, M.D. & Phyliss Kirk, R.N.


"Mike and I have wanted to learn to ballroom dance for a while. We had tried lessons with another teacher, but it didn’t feel  right to us.  We also tried group classes, but just did not feel comfortable.  We decided to try private lessons, where we met Justina.  Both of us were very self-conscience.  I wanted to do everything perfect, and Mike, being a scientist wanted to analyze everything to death.

Justina was the perfect teacher.  She not only made us feel comfortable, but helped us relax and enjoy ourselves.  She also very quickly learned how to teach us in a way that helped us get the most out of every lesson.  She broke down instructions into math equations for Mike, and gave me visuals to use.  She even learned the nicknames that we gave the different steps to make it easier for us.  We have never enjoyed learning something new more than this.   

Justina not only showed us that we could dance, but gave us the confidence.  In my opinion, there is no better dance teacher – no matter what level you are at.   If you are lucky enough to take lessons from Justina – you will see what a special and gifted teacher she is.

-Mike & Josey 


"I cannot say enough positive things about my 7 months of weekly private lessons with Justina.  My desire was not to learn more moves, but rather to take what I already knew and focus on improving my technique and adding style to my dancing.  Justina not only has an extensive wealth of knowledge of dance and movement, she also has an amazing eye for what is not working.  With concise direction, delivered in the most encouraging manner, I was able to make changes.  Every lesson is filled with encouragment and each improvement is met with genuine excitement from Justina."



"What can we say - "The Best". We took dance lessons 20 years ago and enjoyed ourselves but were not excited. We decided to give it another try.  After the first 8 week group class session with Justina was complete, we were both hooked. We are now finishing our eighth 8 week session and dancing at public venues. Justina was the difference. She is focused, fun, patient, knowledgeable and ever so nice but,  she does instruct you."

-Jeff & Dana


"I had felt my progress had reached a dissatisfying plateau before I started taking privates from Justina on a weekly basis.  At dances I felt inadequate as a leader, not remembering the great moves I had learned and not doing a good job of leading what I could remember.  I felt insecure asking experienced followers to dance with me.  In the private lessons with Justina she took moves I remembered and felt comfortable with and strung them together in routines, showing me transitions from one move to the next that felt comfortable to me.  Once I learned the routine, she worked on fixing my worst problems and as I improved she kept tweaking my technique until I achieved my idea of perfection. We did this for several dances, even working on a performance routine, which was incredibly fun.  Now at dances I am constantly getting compliments form women I dance with and from men who see me dance.

During my time in group classes with Justina, I observed that she simplified the complications of dance with the beginning students and had them dancing and enjoying themselves right away."



"We struggled with learning to dance for over a year; and it was not until we hired Justina that it all clicked. Her teaching style is clear, engaging and builds core muscle memory. Now when we go out dancing it's no longer " 1, 2, 3 and 1, 2, 3" - our moves now flow and we have fun."

-Judith & Marc 


"Justina has been my dance teacher, both in private and group lessons for 6 months. She is patient and very skilled. When we dance she is so in tune with me that it sometimes feels effortless. I recommend her highly."


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